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Annell (Aunt of Angel Chuckie Rose

I didn't know your precious angel, but she has touched my heart deeply! I pray the Lord blesses each of your hearts with some kind of peace. God must have needed another special angel in Heaven. I know your hearts must ache for her everyday , maybe the lord just needed to send your precious angel to earth for a little time and then bring her home to show people like me the importance of cherrishing every moment with our loved ones. Sharing your memories of Kadence with the world is a wonderful gift to all of us who read your storys and look at your beautiful family photos. I believe our loved ones can look down from Heaven and see what we are doing. I know she is probably smiling down on all of you right now!

I want to wish Kadence a Happy Happy Birthday up there in Heaven, I hope she has a great big celebration and I pray God lets her send you all big big kisses and hugs from Heaven on the wings of the wind.  I am sending hugs and kisses to you Kadence and I am sending big hugs to your mommy! xoxxxxxxxx! 

P.S. I have a little 3 year old daughter , she is still here with us on earth and she loves to make snow angels. It is spring now , but when Christmas comes again this year and it snows me and my little Chariti will be making snow angels for you Kadence , so be watching for them little angel. !

God bless you and your family!

Nana Rodriguez
Nana is sorry that she hasn't visited you lately, your Aunt Alex and Uncle Derek keep me busy running from one soccer game to another.  I just wanted to let you know that I love you and that you are always in my mind an my heart.  I will love you forever and will never forget about you my sweetie.  Sending you lots of kisses and hugs. 
Sorry I didn't get to visit you on your page for Easter! Mommy and Daddy have been real busy moving into our house. We also did not have the internet up and running due to our move. But that doesn't mean I was not thinking of you and wondering and imaginating how beautiful you look in your Easter dress. I hope you got lots and lots of goodies and had an amazing time Easter egg hunting. You and all your angel friends are so lucky to have the opportunity to be in the presence of God!!! Im at work and we actually get to get on to this web site. Im so EXCITED! It's been so hard not being able to talk to you on your page. Also not being able to see all the beautiful candles and condolences that have been lit and said by people who truly care about you. I really wanted to put a really cute Happy Easter Pooh image, but at my work it doesn't really let me do much. Im happy though that I get to at least right! You are and always will be in my heart and on my mind! Sending you all my love, hugs, and kisses! I will always talk to you in reguardles if its on your page or in my dreams, thoughts, and prayers! XoXoXoX

My precious angel baby! How I wish I could hold you in my arms like I hold you in my heart and mind. You are my light, my inspiration. I look to you when I am down or need some guidence. You have given me so much in life. More then I could have asked for. We are so lucky to have had you in our lives. Not a day goes by that we forget that. You achieved so much in such little time. Your daddy and I tried to continue what you were put on this earth for, but unfortunitly it has been broken. But as long as you know that we tried that is all that matters to us!!! Not a day goes by that you are forgotten and missed. You will always play a big part in my life then, now, and forever. Until we meet again my amazing girl I will love and cherish you! Sending you all my love, hugs, and kisses!!! XoXoXoX


Good night my precious angel! Mommy just wanted to thank you for being with me and giving me strength the whole day! You are so amazing in so many ways. I'm so lucky to have you as a daughter and a guardian angel. I will always continue to hold you in my heart and my mind! Sending all my love, hugs, and kisses!!!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day my sweet angel! Your are Mommy's #1 Valentine! I hold you so cloose to my heart. You are never away from me and are always on my mind! I remeber like it was yesterday when I was giving birth to you and now in 3 months your already going to b 2! My how time just passes by, especially when you really don't want it too. Every where I look there are constant reminders of you! Like smells, pictures, and even sounds! You are and always will be with me forever. And until that amazing day comes where I can not only hold you in my heart and mind like I do now but hold you in my arms forever and ever! Make sure and not to eat to much candy my love! Mommy and Daddy will be sending you lots and lots of pink and red balloons to show you that you are our #1 Valentine! Have a funfilled day in Heaven with all your angel Valentine's. Sending lots and lots of love, hugs, and kisses! XoXoXoX


Good morning my little beauty! Sunday is almost here and that means you are going to be my very special Valentine. Hope your week as been good. Laughing and running around with all your angel friends. Your family loves and misses you so very much. We would give anything just to hold you again. Not a day goes by that you are not thought of. You will always hold a special place in all of our hearts! Until that day comes were I can hold you and squeeze you and never let you go, I will continue to do that in my heart and mind. Lots of love, hugs, and kisses! XoXoXoX

Nana Rodriguez
Happy Valentine's my sweetness.  I love you with all of my heart.  Send your angel kisses down to us.  Visit us in our dreams.  We miss you so much.   Until we meet again, I will cherish you in my heart forever.  


So today was Lilly Rose's (Fat Girl) Birthday! It was a little hard watching all the little ones jump and run around. It just reminds me of what you would be doing right now. You would be having so much fun with your brother, sister, and all your cosins! Oh how I miss you so much and wish that you were here. So I can squeeze you and give you all the kisses in the world. But forever you shall remain in my heart and my mind. Not a day goes by that you are not thought of or spoken of. You have and still will touch so many people. Everyday someone says what a beautiful amazing baby you are. Your big brother let go of a whole bunch of ballons just for you. Hope you got them! Eveyday he wishes you would just come home. He loves and misses you so much! Until that amazing day comes where we can be together again I will always hold you in my heart and mind forever! Don't forget to give Lilly a big Birthday kiss! Sending all my love, hugs, and kisses your way!!!    



Good night my amazing child of mine! Sleep well and keep warm. Were supposed to be getting another storm tonight. I can only imagine the view you have! I also can only imagine how much you have grown and accomplished. Wow do I wish I had that oppertunity to see you grow. Watching Lilly and Kionna get bigger and bigger each day is so hard. But at the same time is very nice as well. I'm very happy I have the oppertunity to see them grow, and just reminds me of how big you would be. I bet you have so much hair! I would have had so much fun doing all kinds of things with it. Today I ask you to be with me in my dreams and also to continue watching over us. Continue to guide us and give us strength. Lead us into the right direction. As we continue to keep you in our hearts, dreams, thoughts, and prayers. We love and miss you so much! Sending my love, hugs, and kisses!!!


I just wanted to say that you are such an amazing angel. You have given me so much strength and guidence. I couldn't do it without knowing I had you on my shoulder guiding me through it all. Whispering in my ear that everything is going to be ok. Not a day or night goes by that you are not thought of. Your family thinks of you each and everyday. We pray to you and ask for forgiveness.

Hope you are enjoying the amazing white snow. I bet you and your angel friends are having so much fun making snow angels and snow men. Trhowing snow balls at on another. I can only imagine how gloorious it is up there. One day I hope I have the oppertunity to experience that with you. Until then continue to watch over us all and give us strength. Sending you always and always my love, hugs, and kisses! I love you angel!!!


Good night my beautiful angel! I hope you had an amazing day in Heaven with all your angel friends. They are so lucky to have you in their presence. Your family down here would give anything to just have the oppertunity to hold you in their arms and never let you go. But since we can't hold you in our arms we hold you so dearly in our hearts! I've been a little down these past couple of weeks. I have alot on my plate right now and just don't know how to deal with it. That is why I need you more then ever. Be by my side and comfort me. Tell me everything is going to be ok. Give me the strength and guidence to get through the hard yet complicated hard balls that are getting thrown at me. I look to you and just pray. Pray that everything is going to be ok. As long as I have you in my heart, thoughts, and prayers I know everything is going to be ok. I just have my moments were I need a little reassuring from you. Be with me always, especially in my dreams! Sending you each and every day all of my love, hugs, and kisses!!!!

Mommy, Daddy, Sister, & Brother

Its been a while since I've really written you. I'm sorry Ive just had a lot on my plate lately. This year just didn't start off right. I was really hoping it would have! Anyways I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you watching over us through those holes in the sky,  and giving us strength to deal with all the things that come at you in life. Especially all the hard ones. Thank you for guideing us into the right direction as well! Each and everyday we miss you more and more, wishing we can hold you in our arms like we hold you in our hearts. I look at your cousin Lilly everyday and wonder what you would be doing at that very moment as well. I watch her grow and learn a new thing everyday, and wonder if you would be doing the same thing. It's so hard to wonder!!! It's so hard to wish and ask WHY? It's so hard to accept the fact that your beautiful angel was RIPPED out of your life jsut as fast as you were given to us. I just wish we could have the oppertunity to have you in our lives once more. Forever and ever!!! But until then my little beauty. I will continue to hold you in my heart, thoughts, memories, and prayers. As you continue to look after us like you were called to do! Sending lots and lots of love, hugs, and kisses from Daddy, Mommy, Big Sister, and Big Brother!! XoXoXoX

Nana Rodriguez
Happy New Year my sweet little angel.   I thank God each and every day that he gave us such a beautiful Guardian Angel to watch over us.  Shower us with your love.  You will always be in our hearts, mind and soul. Until we meet again my love.  I will always love and miss you. Sending lots of hugs and kisses your way.    


I can't believe it's already a new year! That just means time is going by faster then and we would like. That just means that it has been more days since you have been away from our life. May this year please be a better one for our family. May we learn and grow. Accomplish all the things in life. May our love for you grow even more so then last year. Were missing you like crazy each and every day. Wishing you were here in our lives. Until then though you will remain in our hearts, memories, dreams, and prayers! Sending you all of our love, hugs, and kisses always!!! XoXoXoX


Sorry I couldn't visit you this morning on your beautiful page. Mommy was at work and as you know the computers there won't let me get on your page. Why? I don't know. We can shop but can't get on a memorial website! I had a really rough night last night. I could stop thinking of you and I just cried and cried. I didn't go to sleep until 2:00 this morning. Then to top it off a women had delivered a baby that was a fetal demise. That means the baby was born dead. I had so many emotions going through my body. Seeing the family crying a standing around brought back memories of that day I lost you. That day when you were RIPPED from me. My heart and my life! I know though that you were with me even more today. I felt you near!!! You and I knew that I had to be strong, because it's my job and where I work things like that happen. Thank you for giving me strength and courage today. I really needed it. How coinsidental that I would have a day like today. After last night. I miss you with all my heart and hold you so near. Even though I can't see you I know your here, by my side! May this coming year be a better one! May we have peace, love, and happiness! And as long as we have you in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers we should! Sending you all my love, hugs, and kisses my sweet angel! Until we meet again I will continue to see you in my dreams!!!! XoXoXoXoX


Good morning my beautiful angel! I hope you had an amazing Christmas. It was your second Christmas in Heaven. I can only imagine how beautiful it is up there with all the Christmas lights and angels. I wish you coud have been here with us! Last night was hard for me. I was looking at your pictures in you photo album I have for you and I just went into a daze starring at your picture for what seemed like hours. Finally your nino had to ask me for the book. It was so hard to give it to him, but I knew I needed to. I was trying to find the picture daddy wants to get of you on his arm. He's going to do that Sunday. I can't wait to see how it comes out! I'm going to get you name. I'm not sure where yet though. Your daddy and I will have you not only in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers, but on our body to show to the world as well. You were and still are an amazing baby. You brought life and happiness to this family that special day you were born. You reunited a family that had turned for the worst. Well it looks like its heading that way again. So we have to turn to you for help. Guidance and strength. Like I had said in my last letter to you, I need to start taking care of myself first in order for me to be there for my whole family. In order for me to be saine. So my family doesn't suffer. That is the last thing that I would want, is for my family to be unhappy. Right now that is the case. We can't all hang out and enjoy life with one another like we used to. It hurts. And not only me but everyone else as well is already hurting from the loss of you and their other loved ones. We don't need anymore hurt or pain in our lives. It's just not normal or healthy! I tell you all of this because I know that you listen and only listen. You don't judge! And judgement isn't what I need in my life right now. You give me strength when needed. Now all I need is the guidance. Guide me to become a better person for myself and my family. It is time for a change and that change is going to be me. I know it's not going to be over night and that it could take a couple months, but this is what not only I need but my family as well. So my beautiful angel, shine your light down upon me and your whole family as well! Watch over us and protect us. Watch over daddy. He feels he has to be strong for his family and does very well at it. But let him know it's ok to cry. Let him know it's ok that he doesn't get on your page as often has your auntie and I. He has his own way of venting and talking to you, and your auntie and I are just glued to your page!!! Give him even more strength! Make sure and send us down all your angel love, hugs, and kisses! Because were always sending you lots and lots of love, hugs, and kisses as well. We miss you our sweet angel! Always in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers!!!! XoXoXoXoXoXoX

Your Big Sister Samantha
Your Big Sister
I  love you so much. I hope  you  had  a good  Christmas, this is  your  second Christmas! The whole family is doing very good, your brother, and your mommy, and your daddy, and ME.Sleep with the angles, and dont forget i love you with all my heart. We all miss you very much.
Aunt Alex

Merry Christmas sweetie! I hope you had the best Christmas. I also hope you are doing great with Christ. We all miss you with all our hearts, but I know someday I will see you again. We love you and miss you, sleep with the angles tonight. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Hi there baby girl its me your daddy. I just wanted to tell you how much I love and miss you and also I hope you have a wonderfull christmas in heaven with all the little angels. Im sorry I dont get on here more often to say hi and love you. It dose not mean I have forgot or dont miss you. Its just to hard.

People say it gets a little easier as time passes but I dont think it has at all. I still feel the same as I did that day like a big big part of my life is gone which it is. I wake up everyday just wondering how it would be to wake up to you and your little smile and just to see what you would look like and act like today. I know your still around in your spirit because I do feel when your near. I talk to you alot when Im alone but I know you already know that. I guess what Im trying to say is I know your an angel and you love your family its just god needed you back and Im sure he had a good reason to take such a beautifull little baby from her family. But I do love you and will always, miss you and never forget you.

You were my baby girl and also the completion of our family so we will all keep your spirit and your name living baby.           Love You Daddy  Merry Christmas


Well today is Christmas and it just doesn't feel the same! It's not as exciting to me anymore. I know its like that for your auntie I can totaly relate to her when she said she "just wasn't ready". I was ready for it to be over. Im so sorry that Im not into the Christmas spirit like I should be. Im trying though just for your sister, brother, and  daddy. We made cookies for Santa last night, and like I said in my last letter to you, all I was thinking about was you and how you could be helping me make them and make a mess as well lol! Everything your auntie said in her letter to you is so ture. Especially about trust I had in her when it came to you. I knew from that very moment that she walked into my room that day before you were even born that there was going to be that special bond. When your aunt walked into my room my heart just feel. I can't even till this day explain how much that ment to me. Even last night. Your auntie talked to me. It was only a question about you, but it made me so happy I right away went and told your daddy. I know that I've been very hard to be around and that everyone doesn't know what Im going to be like that day. I know that I need help. I guess Im just embarressed and have a little to much pride. When I say pride I mean I don't want to come to terms with the fact that your uncle Freddie is always right lol! But he is and that is what my New Years resolution is going to be as well. Like your auntie. Take care of myself. Because in order to take care of my family and be there for them and make them happy. I need to take care of myself first. And if that means getting on medication and talking to a counslor then so be it! I don't want to live a lonley life. I want to be able to have friends and TRUST them at that. I do have a lot of trust issues! And the day your were "RIPPED" out of my life and my heart that day, just took away all trust and faith I very litle had. I can tell you one thing though I have trust in you though. To give me strength and guide me in the right direction. Also to help your autie and I to become friends again and then later on best friends. I know she is suppossed to not only be my best friend, but my guidance as well. I sent her to be with you that day you were put to rest because I love and trust her. I know how much you mean to her. I say mean because you will forever be in her heart, thoughts, and prayers. Just as you are to me. I hope you had a beautiful morning! I know I did the minute I got on your page and saw your beautiful face. Be with us all! Including your uncle Freddie. He is the heart of this family and has been and always will be the strongest of all but there are days like he said in his letter to you where he runs a call on a baby or has a class on SIDS. Give him even more strength. Watch over us all. We miss you like crazy and always will! Sending you all of our love, hugs, and kisses!!!!! XoXoXoX

Camille 12-25-2009
Well MERRY CHRISTMAS sweet baby. I cant believe how fast it came, i was just not ready for it this year. I miss you more each day. You mommy has her whole tree done in you and your pictures. It amazing and painful all at the same. So much time has pass and so much change has gone on. I am glade to hear your mommy say that she REALLY knows just how much you meant to me and how much i truly loved you. You page does keep us in touch with each other. Its like looking in to each others thoughts and pain. We know if we had a good week or a really bad one. We know you listen, we know there are families out there that have the same hole to fill. Not just us. I think that keep us sane. We know we are not alone and bad things dont just happen to us. But that sometimes that is just life. and like i said before it is what you make of the pain that counts. I know that life is as short as 3 months and i dont want to take one day for granted. I want to live for you. happy, in love , and enjoy all my life has to offer me. I will never look at life the same. Death is such a painful thing and even more when its a baby. a sweet baby that was loved so dear by all. Kadence you are and amazing baby. What happen to you was so unexspected. The worst news to get. But i do remember alot of the good times, as i said making uncle go over just so i could see you, waiting until your mommy left the room so i could get you and cuddle. Make someone elsa go get you so i could make out with you. lol i could never get enough. i can even remember saying a few times to your mommy that i wanted to steal you. I agree with mommy, i would still be doing all that today. I would take you just to have you. i would never need a reason. Me and you, well we were soul mates in some strange way. I felt it from the moment mommy put you in my arms, and took our picture. I was like this envisable look that was mended, not only to you but to your mommy. It was like she handed over her trust, love and friendship to me when she place you in my arms. The picture sealed the deal. Binding, forever my love and devotion to you. I dont know where that trust, love and friendship went. There was a time baby your mommy trusted me to the point that i went with your body for its last visit on earth. Loved me like a sister, and put her baby in my arms and said can you help me dress her, friendship to where she know i would not do her wrong. She was open to let people in, now baby not so much. i can understand, when you love something so much and it is RIPPED from you how do you trust, love or let anyone in. You never want to feel that pain again, but please baby let her know she will live a lonely life if she wont let anyone in it. We are all in this pain together and need to be able to say when its time to make changes. Cause changes happen, with or with out us. But they are much more useful if we know how to roll with them not agents. Life throws us some hard times, once again it what you do with them that makes you the person you are today. GOOD or BAD. We can all change baby we just need to work at it like anything elsa. I am working on being happy all the way around and working on living with out you. That is my new years promise. Work harder on me. Make me strong and take care of myself the way i do others. Well honey Have a Merry Christmas in the clouds. Sending you all my love hugs and kiss.    xoxoxoxo your auntie Camille 

Well my sweet angel I just finished making cookies for Santa Clause and I really wanted you to help me make them. Your cousin Kayla was helping me and it was just making me think of how big you would be right now. I remember when your cousin Kayla was in her mommy's tummy and now she is 4 years old. Oh how time goes by. You would be going on 2! I can only imagine all the things you would be getting into. I know Lilly does it! You deffenitly would have! It's going to be another Christmas without having the oppertunity to see you open your gifts and dress you up in a pretty Red dress, Red because that is mommy's favorite color. Like the snow is your aunties. Your auntie is right we did let her take you and if you were still here she would probably have you more then myself. She would probably just take you away when I our your daddy wasn't looking if she could. You are the one special thing that your aunt and I have in common. You are are hearts and what keep us together, no matter what may be going on. If we didn't have your page we would even be on speaking terms at all probably. That is one of the reasons why Iam so thankful for your page. It gives us the oppertunity to vent not only to you but to one another as well. I know yoru auntie, uncle, and I are having some problems, but please help us get through it. Guide me into the right direction I need to be in. Give me strength to change what had happened into a positive attitude. Also give your auntie strength as well. I know that we all need it! Especially for the holidays. So my precious angel shine over us all tomorrow and give us your special angel hugs and kisses! And Camille I hope that some day we can be friends again. I  really believe that sister in laws should be best friends like you said. And I truly do believe that that is what I might need in my life. I have always wanted a big sister and I see how great of a sister in law you are to Apryl and hope that one day we can be the same as well. So have a Merry Christmas and may the New Year be filled with less pain and stress and more love, happiness, and achivement. Good night my angel. See you in my dreams. I'll visit you tomorrow and wish you a very Merry Christmas and send you a beautiful picture as well! Hugs and kisses always!!!! XoXoXoX

Well sweet girl I am on my phone or I would send you a picture of the snow. Your mommy is right I love it. I wish it would stay snowing for the whole week that I am off. I find it so amazing that there are things that people know you love. Like me, with thre snow, ladybugs, and things like that. I love it each time I see it. It never gets old. Just like your page no matter how many times I see it, I still feel like it the first. To wake up to your sweet face. There is nother like it. Thank god for my phone. And to see all those pictures your mommy took, its like your just around the block. Waitting for me to go sneak you away and love you. I could not get enough of you. I would make uncle take me and make him go say hi to grandma so I could see you. Lol those were good days. I can even remember asking to take you with us a few times and one time they let me. I was so pumped. I could keep you all day if they let me. This christmas is hard it dosnt even feel like the holidays to me. You lose caused a lot of pain for all of us. You were the baby and we lived it up. I hope you night is wounderful and uou know how much we all miss you. Please give your mommy all she asks for. I know you helped and guided me. Sand her your love and show her you amazing wways. Hope I really wish you happeness. I hope she shows you the way and listens to you. I know she dose. See you tommarow angel.
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